It has taken many years of hard work, dedication, creativity, and practice to offer new colors, durability, and
more options for your keepsake.

Additives are combined with crushed petals to ensure a more durable bead for your most precious flowers.  
Beads are all hand-rolled with the petals on the inside and outside of the bead. You will notice the small specs on
the outside of the bead which are pieces of your flowers.

                    *** IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION -

What to do with your flowers and how to send them:

              **Hang roses/flowers upside down until you can send your order in.  
                     Usually done on a hanger with clothespins attached to the stem.  
                     This will ensure that the petals will not mildew.  When you are ready
                     to send your order, simply depetal only what is needed and send order by
                     following the steps listed below.

Steps to Placing Your Order:  Please follow all directions for placing order

1.  Gather amount of roses/flowers needed.  Please DO NOT send more roses/flowers than specified.  
ANY flower may be used.  Petals can be FRESH or DRIED.
  •  1-2 roses for 1 rosary (If ordering multiple rosaries, count 1 rose per rosary)
  •  1 rose for every 30 beads  (each bracelet contains 10-12 beads, keychain (2 beads), necklace, bookmark,
       and finger rosary (contain 1 bead)  
  •  If sending other flowers, please double the amount of petals.
 If your order calls for only one rose, please send a minimum of 2 roses for your entire order.

2.  Depetal roses/flowers and separate petals (by pulling the flower apart into single petals).  Place separated
petals in a
PAPER bag with your name written on the outside of the bag.  DO NOT put in a plastic bag
(Zip-Loc or grocery bag).  This will cause the petals to mildew.

3.  Print Order Form and completely fill out.  (Directions on form) If flowers are from a funeral, please include
date of birth
and date of death for deceased.  
All products and pricing are on the Products page.

4.  Send petals, completed order form, and payment. I cannot accept petals without completed order form
payment. I'm sorry, I do not accept credit cards.  Checks or cash only please.

  • Please call for appointment to bring order.  337-315-0421  Jodi Boudreaux - Please leave a message and I
    will return your call as soon as possible.  

  • If mailing - Place correct amount of depetalled roses/flowers in a paper bag (name on outside of bag) with
     your order form and payment in a box or large envelope and send to:

                 Rose Petal Keepsakes
                                                218 Allegro Avenue
                                                Duson, LA 70529

***The beads can be ANY color-no matter what color the roses/flowers are.  (See colors available on
Products page and specify desired color on order form).

***PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 12 WEEKS FOR ORDER COMPLETION.  I will notify you when order is

Ordering Bracelets ***IMPORTANT
PLEASE specify length for Each bracelet ordered!  You may do so by measuring a favorite bracelet (from clasp
to clasp) or by measuring wrist with room for bracelet to slide.
 Measurement is required when ordering
bracelets.  Average size is 7"to 7-1/2"

A rose charm is offered to signify what your keepsake is made from.  However, other charms are
available for specific occasions or preference (crosses, fleur de lis, angels, butterflies, etc.).  Please email or call
to request a specific charm.  I will let you know if I can locate any special request you may have.

Thank You
Ordering Information